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Never Stop Soaring

When I drew Never Stop Exploring, I decided to do a boy version with a paper airplane


Never Stop Exploring

I drew this some time ago, for London


Insert for Turkish Towel Company

I had the opportunity to work with a new company, The Bali Market, who specializes in turkish towels! So exciting. I worked on designing this card insert for…


Washington State Save the Date Postcard

I designed a friend’s wedding invitation some time ago, it’s something I enjoy doing on the side. She recommend me to a friend of hers that is getting…


Mountain Family Portrait

This was a family portrait I did for a friend as baby shower gift. I like drawing in different styles, and I love doing family portraits in this…


Lilac Marketing Logo

Sometime ago I worked on a logo for a friend of mine who is looking to work on her own marketing business. She had some fun ideas revolving…


Family Portrait

We play video games in this family! This was something I whipped up for fun to add to London’s gallery wall.


Little Passports – Preschool Edition with Max, Mia and Toby!

I’ve always enjoyed working with Little Passports; Sam and Sofia were so fun to draw, and illustrating there many adventures around the world and then through their US…


Bright Girls, Lucy and Kylie

So excited to be able to post about this amazing project! Holly Lichtenfeld has written a series of books focusing on teaching girls about entrepreneurship. I love that…


Babysitting Article

I didn’t babysit much, never thought I’d be good with kids. Of course now that I have a little one of my own, I kinda feel like maybe…