So, I’ve always wanted to write and illustrate my own children’s book. It’s just a bonus that I got to animate it too! I created this interactive book app, “What Is PJ Panda Doing?” I pushed off writing, usually starting projects and never finishing them, because writing was never my strong suit and I never had enough time. But I finally had the opportunity to do something this past fall/winter, when a competition that sounded fun popped up at TigerCreate. It’s a software that lets you translate your books into a digital format. I thought, hey, if I enter the competition, it gives me a set deadline and I can make myself do this. Writing the book was still the hardest part, even though I had to learn a new software! The book was inspired by my 2 year old, who was only 1.5 at the time. She was starting to use sentences and ask questions, and her favorite was “What is ________ doing?” It could be mommy, dada, lola, nana, grandpa, etc .. I decided that the book would be educational and utilize a child’s natural curiosity. The best part, London helped me test it! She enjoyed playing it, and even told me what was “broken,” which really meant, she expected an object to do “something” and it wasn’t. I took her advice :) Please, check it out at the iTunes store!

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